Final LOL (lots of links) for 2011

A few “best of” lists, some blog warfare, and some people with creative minds and infinite patience … a motley assortment of links this month…

* As always, I’m pretty sure I haven’t read any of these notable books. What is a “metaphysically inclined graphic novel” and a novel that “proceeds with a handsome stateliness”?

* Now this is amazing: books that are ‘dissected‘ into art. What interesting results.

* I think the idea of “permission marketing” is spot-on. I wonder if publishers will get it?

* Don’t people have anything better to do than engage in blog warfare? I think readers are pretty savvy and can figure this stuff out for themselves.

* Here is an author pulling no punches about her problems with her publisher. Wow. Read the following posts as well. Repeat: wow.

* There’s a link here to a video about covers and their creation. Me, personally? I don’t buy a book with a half-naked anybody on the cover. Your mileage may vary…

* My apologies if this offends, but it was just too bizarre not to mention. Nativity scenes that are Not Quite Right.

* Laugh out loud funny, whether true or not. Funniest auto-correct bloopers.

* Here’s a “leaked” memo about why traditional publishing is still relevant. Some points are, well, relevant, and some are hooey.

* Interesting (to me, at least) because I know nothing about library lending policies. Apparently some digital books are available to some, but not to others?

* Propaganda battle is right: one publisher talks about indy-pub versus traditional publishing.

* More Editor Q and A — always interesting to see what Those Who Purchase think.

* How to write a novel in 131 easy steps. So true!

* What do you think? Should authors use politically inappropriate speech in books if it is reflective of a particular group? I wonder…

* The history of writing … on a computer. Who was first?

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