1. Trish, thanks for being my guest and giving us such great information. You already know I love your book. I just went to Jolyn’s Wattpad page and read the first scene of Connected. It drew me in and I wanted to read more. I can see why she’s got so many Wattpad fans. I’m definitely going to try this.

  2. Lori, I’d never heard of Wattpad before Jolyn mentioned it either.

    The Wattpad site has gotten a huge investment ( couple of million dollars) from the same people who invested in Twitter. I wouldn’t be surprised if they use that money to really start promoting themselves. The real nice thing about Wattpad, is they are very pro self publishing. They have a self-publishing page with great info and they have some kind of thing going with PW, but I’m not actually sure how that works yet. I haven’t had a chance to check it out.

  3. Thank you for the mention, Trish. I really appreciate it! I may have been the one to lead you to Wattpad, but you helped me to fine tune my approach (with frequent, smaller updates). Since I adopted that technique, my fanbase has been growing faster. I’m glad utilizing Wattpad has worked out so well for you, and Forged In Fire. Your novel is AMAZING and deserves every success!

  4. Trish talked about this over on the Indie Romance Ink loop. Sounds like a great way to gain fans and build anticipation for your book (I’m indie publishing my 1st early 2012). I think I’ll give it a try.

    Not that I’m doing it this year, but do you know if Wattpad gets a lot of NaNoWriMo books posted during Nov and Dec?

  5. Hi Lori,
    I haven’t noticed a surge in posting during Nov & Dec due to NaNo. Of course, just when I say that, it’ll happen. 🙂 I also have never before seen the site itself promoting NaNo submissisons, etc. That being said, there have been many changes over the last 6 months or so on the site, and with the 3.5 million surge of funding…I’m not sure where their focus is going to be. My guess is they are going to try to gear the site to attract more serious writers. They will in no way, shape or form NOT cater to their current users (because they are the ones who launched it’s success), but I think they are realizing what they have on their hands. Already Wattpad user profiles have a spot to link a Smashwords profile (should you have one) in preparation for things to come. It’s an exciting time, and I’m curious to see where they are going to go with it.

  6. Trish, thanks for sharing that great info.

    I was going to enrol my first two stories, both introductions to different series, into Kindle select but I’ll follow your tips in putting the instalments out on Wattpad. I’m putting the audio on my site for free and I don’t know how that would fare against the exclusivity clause on Kindle.

    I stumbled across Wattpad surfing for other things, they don’t seem to have really made themselves highly visible just yet


  7. melinna

    Omg I love princess harleys stories. The cellar and be mine. I wish I knew a way to buy them I’m new to this but I would pay big bucks just to sit in my room and read them all day. I want the books not the pad.

  8. Thanks for explanation. I have only just heard of watt pad and intend to give it a go. My books are horror so will have to be r rated but it will be interesting to try this out.

  9. […] Wattpad is a unique platform. It allows users to both read and write. Users can submit stories to the site in installments, and readers can follow their favourite writers, getting notifications when a new installment is posted. Users can share what they’re reading and comment on the writer’s work. It really is a site geared toward building relationships among readers and writers. How to Market on Wattpad […]

  10. I am so glad now that I didn’t choose rated R for my book and decided to tone down the swearing and such. Phew! then i’d be wondering why I cant get any reads Oy!

  11. Edie I will happy go read and comment on any of your books you like, thank you for this book saving posting! I am darkocean on watpad and my book is Soul Tear (just so you know you have the correct person.)

  12. I’ve been on wattpad for three years. I’ve figured out that unless you have a fan-base, then it’s really difficult to get followers and comments and reads.

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