1. Love your story, love the way you tell it, and yes, book covers are very important! What is interesting here is that you didn’t change your price through this experiment: 99 cents throughtout. That PROVES that the difference comes from the cover. Well done!

    Of course someone with a background in advertisement like you had to know that what’s needed is the sizzle and not the steak and you found a good book cover designer with a bit of humor in her drawings. That’s great and you probably should keepusing her (and that style) for all your books in that series. That’s what brand building is all about, isn’t it?

    Because in the end, a book cover is also …a brand. I think that’s what people don’t always understand. They go for “pretty” or cute things rather than a brand that hits you on the head!

    At least that’s what I hope I understood about book covers – and btw, books covers that are digital are VERY different from those on printed books that can afford to be more complex. A digital book cover also has to work in tiny size and greyscale (on the Kindle). That means an even greater focus on simplicity and sizzle!

    If you have a minute, check my book covers and let me know what you think! I’d love to have your opinion!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story, I love the behind-the-scenes tales being an author. Your book cover always catches my eye on KB so it is pretty effective! Wishing you all success with future series! 🙂

  3. Thanks, Claude and Fatima. 🙂
    Claude, on your covers, I think they are really nice and you definitely have the “look” going to show they are related. Are you selling the sizzle? I don’t know because I haven’t researched your market and what sells other books in your market. Just looking at your covers, I would think your book was mainstream fiction, maybe historical. It could have a mystery element, but it doesn’t scream that at me.
    Does that help?

  4. EJ

    As a reader, I consider the over extremely important. It is the first thing I see when browsing for books on Amazon. If the cover looks like something that is not in my preferred genres, I am likely to not even open the book’s page. If I have opened the page and the cover looks like a total piece of amateur work, I am not likely to scroll down to read the description.

    My time is precious to me. If the author does not care to put effort into the cover, how do I know there is effort in the books?

    Thanks for sharing your story about the cover and your sales figures. The story was very interesting, but the sales figures really bring the point home.Know your audience and make sure the cover appeals that audience.

  5. Great tips, Lori! I think you’re SO right about carefully targeting your audience with every cover, especially if the genre isn’t 100% clear from the title. Ebook readers make decisions in seconds, and the title + cover needs to create an irresistible first impression.

    Thanks for sharing “real-time” numbers, too. I think we NY-pubbed authors have been programmed to expect big sales right out of the gate, but e-publishing is more about the slow build and the “long tail.” Congrats on the success of your new series!

  6. Julie Ortolon

    Great information, Lori. Thanks for sharing. This will go perfectly with the workshop I’m doing for NINC on ebook packaging.

  7. Thank You this was awesome! I am going to seriously recommend this to as many of my writer/author friends as possible. (Now I have to go buy the book!)

    Thanks Lori for the insight

  8. Beth Orsoff

    Great post, Lori! Every article I read from the self-proclaimed “publishing professionals” states as fact that the only authors who are successful self-publishing are those who were already a “name brand” and spend half their day on twitter, facebook, etc. They refuse to believe that it really is about a good cover, a good description, and a good book. Kudos to you for proving them wrong.

  9. Thanks, Lori.
    I wish publishers used the same logic!

    I’ve changed covers on my Indie books too hoping to see
    a good result. So far, I’d say I need to change them again.

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