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  1. Antal Leisen

    Hello Kathy!
    Might be weird that an old bloke in his solitude and from Hungary sends greetings and thanks – but actually your mythical shapeshifter developing tips have come handy for me right now.

    Pity but my thinking is felt rigid and closed a bit – a struggle I must cope with. Although still unsure of how to embody the ancient Hungarian mythical animals, Turul and Golden-deer, into act-able, ordinary characters prompting and guiding the genetically Arpadian blooded lad, Alex, along his monomythic pathway I intend to stage.

    The inciting incident is another shapeshifter: the Holy Crown, who wants to live.
    Now show-glass caged in the House of Parliament He radiates His wish into Alex
    Now I am realising those Turul and Golden-deer might be among the Crown visiting tourists queening along with Alex and Camilla, the charming descendant of his very own progenitrix: Sybilla Cumani.

    Naturally this connection is being detected and announced at the end: the House of Arpad is not extinct.

    To experience that they are to travel then back into the XIII century period of King Andrew II.

    Alex is bound to experience that the Arpadian ancestry claim of his present day family is not a tell-tale of some Felix and Marc – the forefathers of their Family – but a true reality.

    Along their journey in the past Alex experiences – now as his own primogenitor Prince Andrew – who was delegated to Halych by his own father King Andrew II.
    Then how Andrew was jinked by a Cumani knight whose special sword he retained while escaping from the battled Halych.
    Then how his elder brother Bela persecuted Andrew away from the funeral of their Father: King Andrew II.
    Then how Bela – the King already – fled from Mongols away to Spoletto (Split) to meet Andrew again there at his wedding the Ventian Sybilla Cumani aka Camilla.
    Then how King Bela ordered Andrew to join the crusader army of Jean d’Alluye whom Bela had entrusted in secret to put Andrew away along the tour for Andrew might never claim the Hungarian Crown.
    Then Jean d’Alluye accomplished what Bela willed and proved that by the special sword he had fetched from Andrew.

    However Camilla – as Sybilla – already delivered the sons: Felix and Marc – for closing up the cycle.

    On their return to the present, the Turul and Golden-deer greet Alex and Camilla as well as the officials and politicians presenting themselves around the show-glassed Holy Crown.
    Alex reveals to them that the Crown is alive and wants to live and they should decide to be mindful of that or not.

    I beg your pardon for the above synopsis but I could not stop the flow.

    Antal Leisen

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