1. Melanie,

    If you end up joining the Amazon Forums make sure you get a picture of your covers in your profile, as well as links to your books and website. But never mention that you are a writer, don’t talk about your books or even characters you have written. Don’t give them any indication ever that you are a write. The readers there are deadly serious about wanting reader discussions only. They will jump on anyone, who mentions anything about writing. They consider even mentioning it, as self promo. However, they do check out profiles and if they share your tastes about various books/authors they’ll check you out and may end up buying your book.

  2. Great information. But I think my brain is swelling with all the information about promotion. It will be ugly when it explodes, so stand back from the computer screen. LOL

    Thanks Edie and Trish.

  3. Pepper, brain explosions are part of being an author. We leave gore all around us. And dust balls.

    The hardest part of this for me is finding the time. I am going to do this though. I think it’s a brilliant way to reach readers.

  4. Edie,

    I’ve been meaning to ask you if you were on the RomanceRus yahoo forum. This one is a mix of readers and writers. Tons of promo going on through this yahoo loop. Promo is actually encouraged, the readers that are on the loop are on it to find free books and stuff.

    When I first got Zane’s cover, I posted the url to my website so people could see the cover. A couple of readers replied that they’d read the blurb and would snap it up when it came out. (have no idea if this is true-lol)

    Not sure how this loop equates to sales. But posting is risk free and can’t hurt.

  5. Edie, this is great post! Trish, you had me at Black Dagger Brotherhood…LOL I’m a huge fan of both JR Ward & Lara Adrian, so I very much look forward to reading Forged In Fire and the rest of your series. 🙂

    I post on the Kindle boards (are they different from the Amazon boards?), and I only post promo at Book Bazaar & Writers Cafe. I haven’t had a chance to browse around the boards lately, but I think I’ll head over there later today. I love to talk about the BDB and MB series. 😉

  6. Donna, that’s funny, because the BDB books don’t match what you write. At least not your books that I’ve read.

    I really like John Locke’s book, too. But I don’t know if I agree with him about tweeting and blogs. It worked for him, but when I tried to do it with Gilmore Girls, I felt uncomfortable. As if it were wrong for me.

  7. Edie, what an informative post! I’m a part of a number of loops, but most of those are for writers and (since we’re all writers) I would feel uncomfortable doing much promo there since we all have books to promote. I do think you and Trish hit upon something important with other groups, though — ones where readers gather and author promo would be frowned upon. We really do need to join groups like that only if we genuinely enjoy the topics the group discusses. Then we’re there not as “an author” but as a contributor to the conversation and someone who loves learning and talking about whatever is at hand. Finding added readers would be a great bonus, but it’s just as much about simply connecting…

  8. Donna,

    Thank you for the kind words on my series. If you’re interested I’ll send you a download coupon for Forged in Fire when the book is available. In return, if you like it, I would appreciate you recommending it to any of your friends you think would like it. If you don’t like it, feel free to pretend you never read it. *bg

    The Kindle Boards are different than the Amazon forums. The one you’d want to visit is the Amazon romance forum. You know there is a funny side effect to participating in the discussions as a reader too. One I hadn’t thought about at the time. But you rediscover old favorites among books and authors, you discover new favorites and it resparks your love of reading.

    I used to read a book a day. I loved reading. Reading is what led to my writing. But the deeper I got into the writing, the more the reading fell to the side. I’m finding reader boards and book discussions are resparking my creativity.

    If you love the BDB and the Midnight breed. You should really join the BDB loop. Just be prepared for hundreds of emails. lol These girls love talking books and series. Right now we have discussions going on the Ward’s Fallen Angel series, on Hunter’s book in Midnight Breed, on the Outlander Books, on the Dark Hunter books and on The True blood series. If you are interested in joining, let me know, I will send you the url.

  9. Marilyn,

    You are exactly right. It is about connecting. And you need to go into the discussions with honest appreciation for the sub-genre/author/books under discussion.

    Plus- you are sure to find new authors who you will end up loving. The Amazon romance forum has a thread about Christy Reece right now. I’ve never heard of her before. But I’ll pick her first book up because of what these readers are saying about it.

  10. Marilyn, I avoided the Kindle forums. I belong to so many writers groups already, and the few times I was there it seemed as if there was a lot of promo. I do like the idea of the readers forums better. I’ll check to see if they have a sci fi romance forum. That’s my main category.

  11. Great post! Love the blurb. I really love how Trish tapped into what makes BDB appeal, and how you both share a love of *readers*. There’s a lot of talk about writing but where’s any of it without the reader?

  12. Great article and useful information. Now I have to figure out how to tailor it to fit me.

    Once again, you are a cache of information. 🙂

  13. Mary, before I self-pubbed my fist book last summer, we added more bloggers on my group blog and we changed the focus from other writes to readers as well as writers. But I never honed it down to groups like Trish has done.

  14. Joanna

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  15. karLynP

    Great article, and I have to concur that Trish is a great example of authors using reader forums to gain notoriety. I am a frequent contributor on the Amazon forum and at GR, so I recognized her name immediately when reading this. In fact, I bought her book last week too. (I too lurked on her website but it didn’t have any release date back them. I just found out it was available!) She has been wonderful and never once pushed her book as a sales pitch. She respects that it is a reader-to-reader forum, and realizes those commercial breaks by authors pimping their latest and greatest does get awfully annoying to the readers. Best yet, once people start reading Trish’s book they (not the author) will start talking about it. Those kind of recommendations can be golden. Many readers there will buy books recommended by other readers, but never by the author who is simply there to self promote. And since we are sharing our thoughts openly on the forums, many others benefit from our recommendations too. Simply put, don’t piss off the readers as you need them.

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