1. Word of the day when writing this article…”chaptalize, to increase the alcohol in wine by adding sugar.” Now, who knew that?

    I did! 🙂 Being a wine geek taught me many obscure words such as chaptalize: lees, maceration, disgorgement, terroir.

    I appreciate the research ideas, Lori. Have used the SS name database with good results. Other than get an appropriate name for a person of a certain age, I use a random name generator to come up with character names. I try to give the bad guys ‘harder’ names–short, lots of consonants, etc., names that one can say with disdain and they sound evil. For the good guys, I lean toward ‘everyman’ names–so readers can more easily identify with the protags.

  2. Jessica Messinger

    How about the Bible for names? Arphaxad anyone? And if you find a name and it’s just not quite what you want, write it backwards or mix up the letters. Names of towns are also fun to use for names 🙂

  3. Thanks, Karen. I love the SSA, especially to find regional and historical names.
    Jessica, Bible names were really popular where I grew up, at least for older people. Definitely a resource for certain types of characters. Towns are a great idea too. That is such a popular trend with baby names right now.

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