1. Melissa Haffner

    Thanks for that great in site, the difference in POV was amazing. thank you for posting this point of view.

  2. I was just talking about POV in my teen writing workshop Writing While Teen. It’s so hard, but important, to get a grip on. I wish I had your examples then – they’re great!

    Thanks for the post!
    p.s. I just took Kathy Steffen’s workshop a couple weeks ago and she pointed me here! 🙂

  3. I (First Person POV) enjoyed the article. Two questions, if you havea minute. First, what are some contemporary YAF novels that succcessfully employ the Third Person Omniscient and second, how much time does one have to spend “in the head” of various characters for TPO to be successful?


  4. KristiCook

    The only examples I can think of using Third Person Omniscient are some of Gail Carson Levine’s “fairy tale-esque” novels (including Princess Sonora). It’s really not used much–I personally think it makes it very, very difficult for readers to connect with the characters, so I don’t really recommend it, unless you’re making a distinct stylistic choice (as Levine did). But I would probably say that the more time you spend in each characters’ POV, the better chance you’ll have of allowing readers to connect with them/understand them & their motivations. Hope that helps!

  5. CF

    I just stumbled upon this entry. Great examples…am I understanding correctly
    that the difference fundamentally with the 3rd person omniscient and 3rd POV is that in omni the narrator can see and know everything, but we are still filtering through that detached vantage and not dipping in and out of character heads? It’s a nuance–but I think I see how making narrator a character is different then skipping around from all the actual characters POV. Straight 3rd POV is outside but anchored to particular character. Your “bad” example through me and I spent some time trying to see how it was different from omni. This is hard to write clearly about.

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