1. Ti Colluney

    My dyslexic 12 year old has finally found the joy of reading…in Darren Shan. (He wrote the book made into the recent movie, the Vampire’s Assistant.) As long as she is reading and it is aimed at her age group then I am glad whether it is fairy princesses or vampires!

  2. Serena Rene

    I am addicted to the House Of Night series, Real Vampires series, and the Vampire Kisses series and every time a new book comes out i have to get it and read it.

  3. I like vampires and I have read books on them and watched the movies about vampires and especially the bram stoker’s dracula movie, now that movie is awesome and I like the anne rice vampires and of course there are other vampires by various authors who I didn’t include because I either don’t remember the name of the book and/or the author, but they are out there- a great many- there stories about the vampires are all tempting and nail biting when reading them. I have created a new character that the world of book readers will love to hate and love to love when I bring them to the world’s attention- I am talking about spiders! Yes, these creepy, dark and interesting characters are both hauntingly beautiful and possessive and I have even created the little spider, who is determined and lovable and desperately wanting to make it in the world- along with her parents- amongt humans on an island called sapelo. The characters I have created will be a great addition to the literary world and will last as long as dracula. I am not at all trying to throw dracula from the map of readers, because, drac has been here for centuries and is a great chaotic character, but, I feel it is time to let a new generation of character enter- spiders! They’re just as exciting as I mentioned in the start of my discussion and audiences will love it. The spiders are similar to humans in many ways, except they are halflings, shapeshifters and they demand control of human and earth and of course there’s a good reason why, but that’s all for your reading pleasures.

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