1. […] These four articles and your original background work should give you a good start on building your world. From here you can add articles on things such as: Food Reviews, Transportation (issues, design), Weather Report, Holidays… whatever is going to come to play in your world. (You may also want to write more than one article of the different types from different points of view.) Or you can just start writing your story and let these things reveal themselves as you go along. Just remember as they do to take notes so you can keep your world consistent. (You may want to store these notes in a series or book bible.) […]

  2. Catherine Yack

    Could you please recommend any software for creating and publishing a new study bible? I’ve been trying to create on Microsoft word using columns but it would be much easier if I could find some type of software that was designed for such a project…

    Thank you for your time.

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