1. Also, if you are writing and get stuck at one point, because you know you should write some information that you still need to research, add “TK”, a placeholder to remind you to add the info when you have it. Then you can continue writing int he flow, and come back to the TK later instead of sitting and worrying or attempting unfocused research.

  2. Great tip, Alyzande. 🙂 I also just write WORD a lot when writing–for when I know the word I really want isn’t quite in my brain yet. 🙂

  3. I wish I had read this months ago. It really is common sense, but do we always fail to see the obvious. I just go blank. I now have the weapons to hand to sabotage my own, often ready made, roadblocks. Thank you.

  4. Brandy

    I get writers block allot right after i start a new idea for a new book. I’ve started easily 5 or 6 stories then put it off to add more, then time will go by and i get another good idea and start something new. I’ve since stopped doing that but having failed before, I’m trying to find new ways to get started so i can make sure to finish before getting so blocked i can’t again. I’m determined. I love writing and i have so many ideas that minimizing them to one story at a time, then decompressing them to tell said story feels overwhelming and i get anxiety which leads to writers block before i get the story out. So I’ve been looking up advice and asking advice from fellow writers on sites such as wattpad, since they’re having many of the same issues as i am. Any advice from u guys?? My biggest dream is to be a writer, where i can take care of my family while doing the one thing i love..sharing my imagination with others. My biggest fear, to never succeed. And that fear is holding my throat like a vice which really does nothing to calm my anxiety lol. I’ve been thinking of having my first full length book be about that, to be honest. Any feedback??

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