Links, links, links

As always, my attention zigged and zagged everywhere this month. Here’s what made me pause to read…

* Well, shoot. Just when I thought all that disaster nonsense was, well, nonsense, I find that the world might end in 25 years. I’d better write faster, I guess.

* Do you feel obligated to finish a book you’ve started? I don’t. I give ’em 50 pages and if I’m not hooked, that’s it. Here’s an interesting post about what a reader/author relationship can be.

* I find it fascinating when new layers are added to our understanding of ‘old’ books (like Dickens and his relationship to workhouses).

* Yep, my head might explode trying to decide what app to use to read e-books.

* Oh, the joy of language and those odd words like bazillion, gadget, and doohickey.

* In my endless quest to procrastinate and not write, I bring you: writer doodles!

* Now this one about the *#(@ auto-correct feature on my iThing really hits home (and it made me LOL). Warning: coarse language may be displayed. I warned you.

* Did you ever wonder who is a best seller and who isn’t?

* Ghostwriters, co-authors … they’re out there. Are they the brains behind the beauty?

* What all is in the “.epub” file you get when you buy a digital book? Here’s a brief explanation.

* I don’t know about you, but I often tend to overuse phrases in a book. Here’s a way to check and see if you really do. And here’s a way to check on those overused words.

* Do we still need physical bookstores? I’m not so sure ….

* The new “Big 6” publishing houses? I wonder ….

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