1. Linda, I think I covered all the basics. When I started, I had friends who were self-publishing, and I asked them a lot of questions. I wish I’d had a blog like this to look at. I’m sure my self-published friends wished I had it, too. lol

  2. Thanks, Edie. Great information. My only question I have is an entirely inappropriate one. Are you making any money?? Bottom line: I want to earn something. Don’t know how it’s going to work out with my upcoming release, but I have dreams where I get a check, and it’s for $-0- :0(

  3. Barbara, yes, though not as much as I like, of course. I know I’ve sold over 200 this month, easily. B&N’s been having trouble with their sales reporting, but I’ve sold nearly 200 in Kindle. This is cumulative. My sales are increasing each month. By March I’ll have my next book up, and the more books you have, the more you sell. By the end of the year, I hope to have yet another book up, perhaps 2, and to be making decent money on it.

    At first I was going to email you privately, but I decided to be open about it.

  4. Edie,
    I’m curious, but are you still with an e-pub? Were these books originally e-pubbed and you have received your rights back so you can go ahead and self-publish them? I’m kind of thinking about doing something like this when I get my rights back to my trilogy.

    Thank you. Very informative.

  5. Sandy, I never signed with an e-publisher. My dream was always New York. I started reading Joe Konrath’s blogs. If you don’t read his blogs, you should. He’s an advocate of self-publishing. His posts convinced me to give it a shot.

  6. […] is more reasonable. As the blog title says, I have stuff going on. First, I wrote an article on Self-Publishing Basics for my monthly How To Write Shop column. A lot of writer friends have been asking me questions […]

  7. Edie, thanks for the information! I’ve been kicking around the idea of self-publishing for a while, after I, too, read Joe Konrath’s blog. I’m trying to gather all the information first, but it seems like no one who’s done it is sorry.

  8. Casey, I don’t know anyone who’s sorry, either. Unless you pay for someone to do your formatting and a cover, there are no expenses. We have nothing to lose.

  9. Great information — is there any way to print this so I can refer to it as I’m formatting my documents, etc.? My books are heavily formatted (with italics) and I want to make sure I don’t lose all the formatting. I’ve read the SmashWords guide and at first glance, it looks like I might have to strip out all formatting then put it back in — *way* too time intensive, I fear.

  10. Have you tried just copying the post and pasting it into Word? I’m fine with that for your personal use. 🙂
    But doing the total strip down by pasting your actual manuscript into Notepad and then copy/paste back into Word is IMO usually the best way to go. It will probably save you time in the long run!

  11. Oh, and just make sure you keep the original Word Doc w/ the italics in there to refer too! (either on screen or printed out) You can easily do a search/replace and make all those italics 20 point, bold, red so they are hard to miss.

  12. JL, ditto what Lori said about copying and pasting. I don’t strip mine and haven’t had formatting problems. That’s the one part that I differ with in Lori’s instructions, and even Mark Coker’s.

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