1. Great post, Kristi. I want to add that another thing that’s helping to keep the YA market strong is the fact that so many adults are reading YA books these days – the so-called “crossover” market.

  2. Maurissa Guibord

    Great info Kristi! I agree that having the freedom to mix fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi elements in my writing and not be shoved into a genre box, but remain in YA fiction- is great. I think that many of those cross-over adult readers are enjoying that aspect as well.

  3. I agree, Maurissa–the freedom to mix elements, even in sometimes unusual ways–gives YA fiction a very broad range. Thanks for visiting with us today!

  4. Great post, Kristi! I love that teens are so willing to read mixed genres. And, honestly, that’s much more like real life (mixed genres!) (even if some of it is paranormal – tee hee.)

  5. Nice overview, Christi!

    Aside from a currently flourishing marketplace, I believe YA offers a novelist a landscape of human theatre like no other. Coming of age is THE story of most of our lives. As it was for Shakespeare, ROMEO & JULIET, and all those titles we don’t always think of as YA but simply as good literature: Treasure Island, Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, Little Women, Diary of Anne Frank, Lord of the Flies, Catcher in the Rye, Summer of ’42, The Great Santini, Farenheit 451, The Last Picture Show, Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha, Princess Bride… Carrie… well, you know, the list is endless.

  6. kate

    I find that one of the reason’s for the crossover in my crowd is the lack of explicit sex. You are less likely to run into a gymnastic Kama Sutra exercise, which I’m finding more distracting than I used to. Sex left more to the imagination than in adult romance novels.

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